Tri Massager with Rotating Accu-Spheres

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Tri-Massager with Acu-Spheres

Creating a personalized at-home spa experience, the Tri Massager utilizes Acu-Spheres to effectively target tense, sore muscles and stubborn cellulite with three modes of massage therapy. Interchangeable, each head includes a unique pattern on the massage balls for gentle massage, deep tissue or cellulite removal. The self-massager is perfect for relieving sore, aching muscles, tension and stress in the neck, shoulders, arms, legs and feet.

Three Sets of Acu-Spheres

Easily remove the massage head to change the Acu-Spheres for a custom massage. The studded Acu-Spheres provide effective deep tissue massage to ease knots and tension while increasing circulation to reduce inflammation and soreness. Targeted unwanted cellulite, the cellulite buster Acu-Spheres feature rounded knobs to massage the skin, releasing toxins and excess fluid. A unique spiral Acu-Sphere design provides gentle massage for relieving stress and fatigue for maximum relaxation.

Handheld Base

Lightly textured, the handheld massager base is also gentle curved to provide a comfortable, yet secure grip. The curved, ergonomic design allows for greater control for effectively targeting small areas with concentrated massage therapy.

What’s Included:

  • Tri Massager Base
  • Acu-Spheres- deep tissue relief
  • Acu-Spheres- cellulite buster
  • Acu-Spheres- spiral sphere

About this item:

  • VERSATILE SELF MASSAGE: Featuring three sets of interchangeable massage balls, the Tri Massager with rotating Acu-Spheres provides effective deep tissue massage. Targeting cellulite and soreness, the self massager also promotes muscle relaxation and increased circulation to relieve pain, tension and stress in the neck, shoulders, arms, back, thighs, calves and feet.
  • THREE MASSAGE MODES: Easy to use, the handheld Tri-Massager includes three modes of massage. Each mode is customizable for a personalized, at-home spa experience.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE MASSAGE BALLS: Easily interchangeable, the Tri Massager includes an easily removable massage head with three sets of versatile massage balls. Each ball independently rotates to provide targeted relief.
  • LATEX-FREE MASSAGE BALLS: Constructed with a durable composite material, the massage balls are latex-free and safe for every skin type. The Acu-Spheres include three spiked, deep tissue massage balls, three knobbed, cellulite massage balls and three spiral massage balls for gentle massage.
  • SECURE HANDHELD BASE: Seated on a unique base, the handheld Tri-Massager is easy to control for targeted self massage at any angle. Fitting comfortably in your hand, the gently curved base is lightly textured for a secure, nonslip grip.


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